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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rants, dreams, selfies and studies!

Okay so here are some things about me that you don't know. Because first of all, you dont know me! and second of all, you don't know me. (quoting Peyton sawyer from one tree hill ;) )

1) i take loads and LOADS  of selfies. and i'm not proud of it. :/

2) i am INSANELY obsessed with one tree hill!!! god, its so DRAMATIC! and always makes me cry. every single time. but i still force myself to watch it. i sometimes wonder why i torture myself do much..

3) i play guitar, and i attended guitar classes for about three years. i have stopped going for classes now, and i haven't really been playing my guitars since then. and thats not good. i'm gonna start again. i've played at a few concerts, and have even sung at a few. its scary, but at the same time, a LOT of fun!

4) a week ago, i cleaned out my entire room, and my closet, which was piling up with papers and papers! school test sheets, exams, essays, projects and schoolwork. 3 years of school garbage lived in my closet. i realized that i just had to do my paperwork, and i ended of cleaning out the closet for two days nonstop, and throwing out one huge art pad and 2 huge garbage bags. 
ANYWAY, the day i was done with all the cleaning, i felt..lighter. happier. more motivated. more inspired. much more ready to just RESUME my life, and not waste anymore time, doing NOTHING with my life! its like, that organizing session was.. therapeutic. 

5) last night was a moment of clarity for me. i realized exactly what i want to do with my life. i want to travel. find myself and heal myself through traveling. ALONE. i want to write. tell stories. have a voice. i want to take pictures. not portraits for graduates, or family photos, but lifestyle photographs. i want to be able to capture urban lifestyle. the way people live. their cultures. their beliefs, their emotions. their crimes. and i want to hear music. listen to music. play music.  i'll write more about these dreams and goals of mine in another blog post. in detail.

i need a camera. bad. :(


i just graduated 9th grade, about a month ago. and that means  10TH GRADE, which means O' LEVELS.. which means my CIE EXAMINATIONS ARE IN A  YEAR!!!!
which sucks because that means i need to start prepping up during these two months of summer break! i want to cry. okay now i'm gonna go cry. bye.

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