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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My blogging lifestyle

 (listen to the 1940 by submarine)

Yes yes i know. Why listen to a girl who JUST started blogging?! Well, i personally love reading about peoples lifestyles, where they blog, room tours, how they study, how to stay productive etc.
My goal is to make sure this blog is something that i would read. With posts that interest ME. With pictures and content that would make me come back for more! And maybe there ARE such posts(as mentioned above^), but i can't find them! I can't find EXACTLY what I'm looking for! So why not write  posts on these topics myself? So that others don't get frustrated while finding content that adheres to exactly what they're looking for! Also, maybe my blogging life style might inspire others to keep blogging and have a balanced blogging schedule! :)
I wake up early in the morning( by early i mean around 9 or 10, LOL) for two reasons. To take pictures for future blog posts and to, This time of the day is the best since there are no adults at home and my brother is still sleeping so there is peace around the house. I take pictures mostly in the morning, since there is a lot of natural light coming in from the windows( plus the weather is to die's soo breezy whooo!). Through out the day, i take pictures that may be blog material.Like this one:
Yay selfie with the new phone!! Haha i'm so gonna abuse Instagram all the time!
 Anyway..coming back to the topic..
Like i was saying, i work in the mornings. These days I've been taking the lap top to my moms study and working over there. I love the change of environment! I mean who wouldn't want to work in a room with a huge gorgeous window that lets sunlight streaming in?
When I'm blogging in my moms room, i set up the laptop on the coffee table. I love mornings over there. something about the room motivates and inspires me.:) 

If I'm not working here, i blog from the desk in my bedroom. It looks kind of like this:
My desk is not the prettiest thing. I need my blogging surroundings to be beautiful, airy and inspiring with plenty of light. That's why i prefer to work in the study. I have tried my best in making the desk space pretty. On the right side i have propped up an art journal that i made a few days ago. I keep it there on display because it brings color to my desk, but basically because i made it all by my self, and when i look at it, it reminds me that i can do anything by my self. Silly, but it works. Display on your desk anything that you have made yourself, like  a bracelet or a book you binded. Anything.
  Before i start blogging i put on some music. A system thats been really working for me is listening to 'radio'on jango. I usually put on the Ellie Goulding radio and her music, along with music by artists similar to her, keeps on playing. Other artists included on  Ellie Goulding radio are Tegan and Sara, Florence and the machine, Morgan page, La Roux, Lily Allen etc. I  keep the volume low, so that it doesn't distract me from working, and i do not use head phones.
  I keep my email account and Wunderlist open in tabs at all times. I just recently started using Wunderlist and i absolutely love it! It's free! It keeps you organized! And it helps you make to do lists! Yay!
I use Wunderlist on my phone as well, but thats for when I'm on the go, or away from the lap top. I find it too distracting, switching from the laptop to the phone while blogging.
I keep a writing pad on my desk and nightstand, so any ideas that might come to me while working or before sleeping can be jotted down. I also make sure that the laptops charged at night, so in the morning i don't have to lug around an adapter.
So this is my current blogger lifestyle. It's gonna drastically change when school starts. No more blogging in the morning*sniff sniff*. But of course, blogging should never EVER get in the way of studies! Kind of excited for school to start, and kind of nervous at the same time. Which reminds me..better go read my economics book..

xoxo Mana

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