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Friday, 23 August 2013


(listen to bones ms mr. yes. again.)

 Tonight I'm sitting in a total mess. My room hasn't been this messy since, god knows how long. I'm wearing a very feminine very lace spaghetti strap top because it's night time and i don't have to answer the door hence i don't have to dress in a way thats acceptable to society. Tonight I'm listening to amazing music.
Well i always listen to amazing music.
  These pictures were taken by from a mall terrace which is a restricted area, only for staff workers. But i sneaked in and took pictures.
God, I'm so bad ass.

One of my favorite things to photograph our city lights at night. They're so beautiful. Today makes me feel kind of..invincible. Kind of awesome and kick ass.(and of course bad ass, i mean c'mon restricted area! Trespassing!)
    I'm thinking of a lot of things these days. I'm thinking about travel, nighttime, angsty teenagers, photo shoots, fruit roll ups, new bands and new music, school and school research projects, art journaling, band t shirts, dyed hair and ear piercings. I'm also of thinking of how I'm always complaining about not being able to travel right now, not being able to explore and not being able to photograph things because i don't have a professional camera. Today, gazing down from the mall terrace i keep thinking: have i been blind this whole time? I have an awesome city to explore, with new places to discover. Yeah Karachi may not be a safe city, it might not be the cleanest place ever, it might have crazy creeps around every corner but so what? Karachi is my city, and Karachi is beautiful. I love the stories that can be told by the random smashed bouquet of flowers on the street pavement. By the diamond ring found in the corner of the gutter. The stories that can be told by the lines on peoples faces. I love how the city never seems to sleep. I love Karachi at night. And yeah, so what if i don't have a professional camera? I can still document everything through my phone camera.
Because all i want to be able to is to tell stories. Great stories.
And i will. You'll see.



Time for a love list woohoo! Things i absolutely ADORE at the moment:
  • The picture above. I took it. Praising myself. AHAHAHA.
  • This totally amazing photo shoot
  • This blog. Well I've always loved this blog. It's what inspired me to start my own! This deserves a separate blog post.
  • This amazing sweater thing from Urban Outfitters.
  • His music.
Have an awesome week you guys! More is coming including guest posts, a post on the Children's Cancer Hospital that i'm visiting tomorrow and some diy tutorials. Oh and LOTS of selfie spam ;)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Road

(Bones by Ms Mr)
To lie down on the packed gravel after the rains.
To be able to look up at the stars.
or maybe just the one star that shines from above on that dark, dark night.

To be able to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

To be able to not let go of the broken dreams, once alive.
because you thought that thats where this road leads to.
But then realize this road doesn't end.
it goes on and on.
it never stops.

so just get ready and walk. walk all these miles.
with passion. with faith.
that something will come out of this difficult time through this barren, this empty land.
because i promise you, you walk.
you walk with those blisters on your feet. you walk with the scorching sun on your back.

something will come. even though the road doesn't end, their are always pits tops.
new experiences. new people. new love.

so promise me
you will move on.
in heat.
through storms.
and you will always have the same fierce look in your eyes while you battle through all these.
the look of determination.

don't forget to stop on the way.
to dance in the middle of the night.
under the millions and millions of stars on a deserted road, twirl around and around.

and if you cant do all this:
just lie down on that packed gravel after the rain.
close your eyes. and then open them.
look up.
remember that small tiny star twinkling up above?
one star is enough.
it should be enough.
to be remind you that there is a road.
and oh yeah, it does end.
it keeps going higher and higher.
somewhere up above the stars.
and the end of the road there is your final destination.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

School talk and more news.

Hey guys. sorry i haven't been blogging much and the posts have only been picture heavy, not content heavy. its not that i'm not 'feeling it', i have tons of ideas for blog posts but..i don't know. school has started and remember when a few weeks ago i was completely freaking out about me going to tenth grade and the CIE exams and blah blah blah? i' ve been pretty relaxed these days, actually. school is fun, and thats a sentence i never thought i would be saving again. the term started off with a bang, and i actually feel like the old Maham, the nerdy girl who studied well. well, actually i don't feel like THAT girl either. this is a side of me i never knew of. every single class at school i enjoy. i understand the lectures, and unlike last year, i actually LISTEN to the lectures! a new and improved version of me.
     i also have enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh award program. alot of people in my school are doing it. just click on the link and see what its all about, there is too much to explain. basically its a personal achievement award program. every week for two hours each you have to practice a skill, go for community service and enroll in some physical activity. I'm thinking of going for yoga with my good friend Qanetah to cover the physical activity part, i'm going to play and practice guitar for the skills part, and community service our school is helping us with. for our first community service part we will be visiting the childrens cancer hospital to try and brighten up their days.
  what have you guys been up to?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lost somewhere in Wonderland

 Hey guys! I know i haven't blogged in quite a while! My blogger hasn't been working for a month now, and I've been extremely upset and distraught because of this. I even took it as a sign for me to give up blogging! But recently people have been commenting on this blog, and you have no idea how happy that makes me, to know that there ARE people out there, other than my family and some friends, reading this blog! I have so much to share with you guys! Ideas have just been piling up and finally i get to share them again.
Anyway, these are some pictures my friend  Neha and i took together. She took most( i wont lie) and i edited them! Can you believe this is my neighborhood? So magical.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rain and emo-ness go well together

(listen to lego house by Ed Sheeran ft. P Money the Gosling remix.)

I'm feeling kind of weak. I'm kind of crumbling.
 i don't know what to do.
 i don't know where to run.
 i don't know where to seek refuge.
i don't know who i am.

This blinding light should mean that I've come out of my dark place right? So then why is it that i feel so lost here? I don't know myself here. 

I want to feel that way i used to. Before all this. Before the darkness. Before this blinding new light. When i was unaware. Unaware of every thing that's wrong with this world. I'm tired of knowing

'Save me', i plead. But am i talking to myself or someone else. Am i the hero of this story?
I don't think so because i don't think i can save myself from my own worst enemy: me.

Thank you for cooperating with my sudden emoness. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Forgotten Photos

 (listen to Better than this by Hinder)
 A few days ago i found a neglected cardboard box in the store room filled with scrap booking goodies and other treasures my mom did not want anymore. Day before yesterday i put on nice music and spent the day sifting through the things in the box. Well, i found these really old family photographs in there as well.
I cried a lot that day.
I don't know, something about the music playing and the old pictures made me kind of emotional. I didn't even know half the people in the pictures. My mom said i can keep some. And you can not believe how happy that makes me. I've always loved the idea of playing around with old cameras. Intax, film cameras, disposables, Polaroids. Especially Polaroids. maybe I'll start collecting cameras. I think that is something i would really enjoy! But first i need a proper DSLR. Ugh. Why do i waste all my money on random, useless stuff?

I'm loving these gorgeous photographs of Murree or Islamabad, i don't know exactly which place. I'm going to ask my mom. I don't know what to do with them, but i do know that i don't just want to put them away in some photo albums! Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help! Maybe i can frame them..

 I love the tint of these pictures..the purple-ish pink. They are wedding pictures of god knows whos' wedding.

 Some pretty pictures of my paternal grandmother. She must have been a real beauty when she was young. Sigh. I love how the second picture is all dark and don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

I love photographs. I love taking pictures, capturing moments. I think I've finally found something I'm really passionate about.