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Friday, 23 August 2013


(listen to bones ms mr. yes. again.)

 Tonight I'm sitting in a total mess. My room hasn't been this messy since, god knows how long. I'm wearing a very feminine very lace spaghetti strap top because it's night time and i don't have to answer the door hence i don't have to dress in a way thats acceptable to society. Tonight I'm listening to amazing music.
Well i always listen to amazing music.
  These pictures were taken by from a mall terrace which is a restricted area, only for staff workers. But i sneaked in and took pictures.
God, I'm so bad ass.

One of my favorite things to photograph our city lights at night. They're so beautiful. Today makes me feel kind of..invincible. Kind of awesome and kick ass.(and of course bad ass, i mean c'mon restricted area! Trespassing!)
    I'm thinking of a lot of things these days. I'm thinking about travel, nighttime, angsty teenagers, photo shoots, fruit roll ups, new bands and new music, school and school research projects, art journaling, band t shirts, dyed hair and ear piercings. I'm also of thinking of how I'm always complaining about not being able to travel right now, not being able to explore and not being able to photograph things because i don't have a professional camera. Today, gazing down from the mall terrace i keep thinking: have i been blind this whole time? I have an awesome city to explore, with new places to discover. Yeah Karachi may not be a safe city, it might not be the cleanest place ever, it might have crazy creeps around every corner but so what? Karachi is my city, and Karachi is beautiful. I love the stories that can be told by the random smashed bouquet of flowers on the street pavement. By the diamond ring found in the corner of the gutter. The stories that can be told by the lines on peoples faces. I love how the city never seems to sleep. I love Karachi at night. And yeah, so what if i don't have a professional camera? I can still document everything through my phone camera.
Because all i want to be able to is to tell stories. Great stories.
And i will. You'll see.


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