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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The golden days

Today after lunch i went outside on our balcony. Usually Karachi summers mean scorching heat, sweaty people and bad news. But this summer has been different.the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.

There has been  lots of sunlight and humidity, but along with that there is ALWAYS a beautiful breeze blowing. I'm the kind of person who gets happy by the smallest things, and i adore good weather. Every single day i think about how this summer has been perfect( despite the lazy TV watching, pigging out on potato chips and ice lollies and staying inside all day long). My vacations are almost over( only a month left before I'm back in school) and I'm kind of upset that i wasted such a glorious summer, literally, a blessing to the whole of Karachi, doing nothing. But the i realized, why be sad about what i have lost, and why not stay positive for what there is in store for me, in the coming future? So i wasted my summer vacations. What now? What about making up for the lost time, by doing whatever you have wanted to do, and should do, in the time thats coming?

Hello guys. Today, you are witnessing a:
The REBUILDING of what remains shattered and in hiding.
The rise of the summer life that i have always wanted, and dreamt of.
my golden days.

You guys, stop lying in that pool of self pity..
Get up..
And be who you have always wanted to be.

 Whatever days are left of summer, lets enjoy them and take full advantage of them. Love the weather outside everyday? Go to the nearby park/ walk outside/jog/run/ bike whatever. Love the idea of waking up every day to witness the sun rising? Do it. Wake up early, make yourself a nice cup of coffee( or as i would prefer, a glass of peach iced tea), sit on the curb outside your house or  on the balcony, and enjoy the sun rising, and the sky changing colors. Want to do something different this summer, like trying to cook something for the first time, or dabbling in acrylic paints? DO IT!!

Don't let this summer go by.
Let's make it worth remembering. Do leave a comment below and tell me what you want to incorporate into your summer lifestyle!

xoxo Mana

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