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Wednesday, 3 July 2013



So here's a little FAQ style  post for you guys! I love finding out things about people ( in a non nosy and non gossip-y way), and i thought it would be fun to let people know a little more about me! ( plus i just love writing about me, yes very self obsessed at times!) My friend Sheryar helped me with this post. Some of his questions were really weird and random, but anyway, thanks Sheryar! :)
 If you guys have any questions, do leave them in the comments section down below. I'd appreciate it if the questions aren't SUPER personal or offensive! Without further ado:

1) I cant make normal faces when a camera is pointed at me. It's really impossible for me to look sane in a picture. I try my hardest, but seriously, i can't smile without looking like i belong in a mental hospital. It's sad really. 

2) I've named my couch Burt. Short for Bertie. I love him. Everyone has to respect Burt, and i mean everyone.  He's MINE and he LOVES me.

3) I play guitar. Well..i used to. And i sing! Um.. i mean i used to. *sigh*. I really need to start playing and singing again. I miss it. i miss all of it. Learning how to play new songs, composing my own, performing. I suffer from severe stage fright since the last concert i performed at. Don't ask what happened. Lets just say there was a certain person there in the audience that night, and his being there REALLY freaked me out. But i'm going to start playing again. Hopefully.

4) I've been stereotyped as an 'emo' girl. And that sucks. Obviously, people don't know me. Even my best friend thinks i'm emo! ( i'm not emo by the way, i'm a pretty happy girl! but if you had gone through what i have been through, you'll be a little on the dark side as well)

5) I LOVE three days grace! Best band ever! It's too bad they broke up. Lets just say this band was my life jacket for when i was drowning.

6) I dream of going to live in New York for a little while, ALL by myself!! I've already started saving up for that dream of mine. Basically i want to travel to a lot of places, but New York is where i want to start from! And i don't mind the dirt, the traffic, or the creeps there, because we already have all of that here, in Pakistan!

7) My nickname is Mana. I don't let anyone call me Mana, unless it sounds natural from their mouth. :)

That's it for todays' post! Part one of  random facts about Maham!

Lyrics of the day:
you call to me, i fall at your feet, how can anyone ask for more?
-Nickel back <3

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