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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Road

(Bones by Ms Mr)
To lie down on the packed gravel after the rains.
To be able to look up at the stars.
or maybe just the one star that shines from above on that dark, dark night.

To be able to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

To be able to not let go of the broken dreams, once alive.
because you thought that thats where this road leads to.
But then realize this road doesn't end.
it goes on and on.
it never stops.

so just get ready and walk. walk all these miles.
with passion. with faith.
that something will come out of this difficult time through this barren, this empty land.
because i promise you, you walk.
you walk with those blisters on your feet. you walk with the scorching sun on your back.

something will come. even though the road doesn't end, their are always pits tops.
new experiences. new people. new love.

so promise me
you will move on.
in heat.
through storms.
and you will always have the same fierce look in your eyes while you battle through all these.
the look of determination.

don't forget to stop on the way.
to dance in the middle of the night.
under the millions and millions of stars on a deserted road, twirl around and around.

and if you cant do all this:
just lie down on that packed gravel after the rain.
close your eyes. and then open them.
look up.
remember that small tiny star twinkling up above?
one star is enough.
it should be enough.
to be remind you that there is a road.
and oh yeah, it does end.
it keeps going higher and higher.
somewhere up above the stars.
and the end of the road there is your final destination.

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