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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

School talk and more news.

Hey guys. sorry i haven't been blogging much and the posts have only been picture heavy, not content heavy. its not that i'm not 'feeling it', i have tons of ideas for blog posts but..i don't know. school has started and remember when a few weeks ago i was completely freaking out about me going to tenth grade and the CIE exams and blah blah blah? i' ve been pretty relaxed these days, actually. school is fun, and thats a sentence i never thought i would be saving again. the term started off with a bang, and i actually feel like the old Maham, the nerdy girl who studied well. well, actually i don't feel like THAT girl either. this is a side of me i never knew of. every single class at school i enjoy. i understand the lectures, and unlike last year, i actually LISTEN to the lectures! a new and improved version of me.
     i also have enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh award program. alot of people in my school are doing it. just click on the link and see what its all about, there is too much to explain. basically its a personal achievement award program. every week for two hours each you have to practice a skill, go for community service and enroll in some physical activity. I'm thinking of going for yoga with my good friend Qanetah to cover the physical activity part, i'm going to play and practice guitar for the skills part, and community service our school is helping us with. for our first community service part we will be visiting the childrens cancer hospital to try and brighten up their days.
  what have you guys been up to?

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