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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lets get to know you..

 Recently i interviewed a good friend of mine- Inseya. She is a wannabe journalist and one of the most creative people i know! Her writing is deep and thought provoking. She just started blogging! Check her blog out!!

What draws you towards journalism?

I was always into writing on a serious level, but it was mostly poetry and various novellas. When I moved to Pakistan a few years ago, I read articles by research journalists and tried to understand the problems of our country. And thus, I started to write about it. I wanted to study social problems, political state, instability, divides and links that needed to be brought into light. In short, Pakistan made me a journalist, as well as a major patriot. 

 What kind of music appeals to you? Which genre? Why? 

Rock is probably something that catches my eye, but I can't digest too much of it. I mean, I love Linkin Park and bands like Three Days Grace..but I know what kind of influence music has on you and don't really want to be thinking of the reasons I hate the world all the time. So, I am also a huge fan of any song that starts with a strumming guitar solo (i.e Collide by Howie Day, The Beatles). I feel it keeps me balanced, and its actually how I got my Pen name: The Optimistic Cynic. 

If there was one message you could send the world, what would it be?

 We need love people. We need humanity. That's what I root for. I have faith in a lot of stuff, but after my religion the notion I strongly believe in most is 'Humanity'. The lack of it in this world scares me, and i feel frightened looking at the future and thinking: 'Is it going to get worse?'. I live in a country where I feel the humanity has been utterly squelched out of the people and we to get it back. I have a theory. The movie '2012' was hypothetical somehow. 21st Dec 2012 didn't mean the end of the physical world, but it meant the end of humanity in the people. And where there is no humanity, means there is no justice and mercy. So be humane, and save this world. 

Describe the perfect teenager life you wish you were living

 Very honestly, I would not change a thing about my life. Not that I don't have my own up and downs (trust me, I got the Downs part covered) but I have everything a girl needs (except a new cell, but okay). I got a beautiful family, 2 amazing sisters, a nice house, great friends and I actually LIKE school :P Yeah, there are things that don't make life perfect but thats okay. 

 Why did you start a blog?

 To be honest, I started a blog because I wanted my writing to reach a larger audience. I am a little shy when it comes to broadcasting my writing so this was a big step for me.

 What is your favorite art medium? Do you create art?

 Yeah, I paint every once in a while and I've taken O Level art as well. At my internship I've also learnt a lot bout digital art. Basically, painting comes to me like writing does. Easily. My favorite medium is watercolor, because I feel that its subtle as well as great for still life, portrait, landscape etc...I even use it for fashion design and abstract!

If you could leave your mark on the world, how would you go about it?

 I would like to leave my mark on the world by changing someones life. I want to help that little girl who's been raised in an orphanage and give her hope for greater days, I want to give confidence to that cancer patient who thinks shes bald and ugly, and I want to reach out to someone through my articles and make people aware of their rights. I believe if I help people find their goodness, then that would be the greatest mark anyone could leave on the world. Bad things will always continue to happen, and you need to help those who have been turned bitter by them. 

Quick Questions: 

1) Coffee or tea: Coffee 
2) Art or music: Art
3)  Favorite artist: Jackson Pollock 
4) Favorite band: Beatles 
5) Favorite quote:  'You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and      affection' -Buddha 
6)  Favorite thing about blogs: The pictures 
7)  One place you want to visit: Greece 
8)  Describe yourself in five words: Loyal, friendly, smart, weird, happy

Thanks for letting me interview you Inseya!

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