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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Yeah i know, i know, this picture is kind of creepy..since it looks like i have no pupils..ah well. Also, my hair looks blue-purple. It's the lighting. I wish i had blue-purple hair. That would be so cool. Sad face :'(.
     Okayy remember how i said that i love finding out things about people, and AGAIN, mentioning in a non creepy and non gossip-y way? Even when reading a book or watching a TV show, i really try to get in depth with a certain character, i try to understand them, and their back story. Also, i love lists. I love making lists, and i love reading lists. AND i love learning things about people. So combining those two....

MORE ABOUT ME: (i see a pattern forming in the majority of my blog topics, i promise i' ll blog about something really interesting next time!)

Favourites at the moment:

current favourite TV show: One Tree Hill
favourite colours: dark blue and teal
favourite clothing brands: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21.
favourite clothing brand in Pakistan: Mantra
makeup brands: Loreal, Maybelline, Luscious, lots of Body Shop
makeup brand i wish to purchase from next time i travel abroad: Benefit and Soap and Glory
food: pasta Alfredo, Doritos, Mc donalds fries, red velvet cupcakes, plums, brownies.
drinks: peach iced tea, apple cidra, vodka( kidding, kidding ! )
favourite author: Stephen king, Rick Riordan( Percy Jackson people!)
favourite movie: too many! I guess, currently, World War Z. brad pitt!!!
one weird movie you want to watch: Edward Scissor hands. Just Google it. And don't judge me.
favourite nail polish colors: dark blue, mint green, black
favourite band: hmmm..this one is SO hard!! I'm sticking to Three Days Grace, even though i am listening to a lot of Shine down these days!!

Yeahh, it think i'm going to blog about something different tomorrow..yep, definitely. I'm so proud of myself! I've been blogging every single day! Blogging makes me happy! I like to think that there is someone listening to all my weird rants, and me going on and on about myself! I really need to think of ways to market my self and my blog! Face book page? Ummm..i don't think so. Twitter? Maybe. Any other ways? I'm going to have to Google this.

Lyrics of the day:
they say that love is forever, forever is all that we need, please stay as long as you need, i cant promise that thing won't be broken, but i swear that I'LL never leave, please stay, forever with me.
-if you're James dean, i'm Audrey Hephurn by Sleeping with Sirens.<3

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