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Monday, 8 July 2013


(listen to i hate every thing about you and animal i have become by three days grace)

These days have been filled with increasingly weird selfies, confusion, anger, disappointment and questions. Lately my nails have been black and i'm living in huge, over sized t shirts and shorts. The weather has been gorgeous, and i'm grateful for that. I'm listening to lots of three days grace. God, i miss that band SO much. My hair stays up and out of my face, and I've been talking to my self quite a bit.
The pictures above aren't perfect at all. I'm supposed to have amazing, pin-worthy images on my blog, say the  blogging info graphics. I don't have an amazing camera first of all, to take those pin-worthy photographs. and second of all, i don't care.
I don't care if my pictures aren't perfect. In fact, i like the grittiness of them. The pictures are like those of a film camera, even though they've been taken by my i pad. Similarly, i don't need to make my bed for one stupid picture! I believe the fact that it's not made shows more character, shows that no one has a perfect life. It speaks the truth, instead of the lies. And i promised my self before i started this blog, that my blog will be really me, and really honest. I'm DONE being fake! So why not show pictures of whats really going on in my life, instead of tidying up and making every corner of my room picture perfect?
I put up a stack of books i have yet to read, and books i have to finish on top of a pink stool beside Burt. I miss reading. Speaking of Burt..there's a picture of him above! Yes, that's my lovely couch that i have named..
My bed is unmade. I'm just so sleepy these days. My desk has been cleaned and its drawer and cupboard have been organized. Now i have to organize and set up the top, in a way so that its inspirational, but does not distract me while i'm studying. I usually spend my mornings and afternoons propped on top of Burt, so that i can look outside of my window and enjoy the weather outside. I'm loving my black toe nails. they haven't been black in ages. I usually go for dark colors on my nails, but lately I've tried mint green and purples and i like them, but not as much as my signature dark nails. I've got so many ideas for future blog posts! I just don't feel like blogging these days..heck, i don't feel like doing anything! Maybe a day out in this weather, doing something really fun will cheer me up. These days I've been dreaming of getting a tattoo, meeting Adam Gontier ( ex vocalist and guitarist for three days grace), and traveling.

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