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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Just keep wishing, just keep wishing, just keep wishing, wishing, wishing..

NO. don't just wish. DO.
Today i woke up and realized that my life has kind of come to a stand still. I don't do much. I eat, laze around, watch a lot of TV, listen to music, go on line, and thats IT. This has been going on for a month now. Well, actually to be completely honest, two. I have wasted my summer off from school doing absolutely nothing. And I'm TIRED of doing nothing. How am i supposed to kick butt staying at home watching TV all day?
It's time for change.
It's time for serious change.

Instead of waking up and plopping in front of the laptop i decided to sit out side at the dining table. To write. Get some natural light from the open balcony door, clear my head and write.Write, realize, see what i really want from this life. All i know is that I'm not gonna waste this one month left before school starts.
Goals can be big and small. Your goals can be simply ANYTHING like making and drinking that smoothie every morning or organizing a teen rave.

This game plan and this post is directed towards teenagers( since you know, I'm a teenager), but i hope it inspires any one, of any age.
Okay, want to change your self, your habits and lifestyle? Want to reinvent your self? Here are the rules:

1) You have to get out of your comfort zone, and do things even if it scares you
2) Your dreams and goals can be shallow as well.

So, every week i am going to add new goals to my list and  record how much i have accomplished, and how much closer i am getting to a certain dream. Every Sunday( not including the coming Sunday), i will add a new step to reaching my dreams! You guys are welcome to join in and reach your dreams with me! So todays first baby step towards accomplishing my goals is writing down random goals and wishes down, and beside each one, writing down what is my first step to achieve that certain goal.
Here is my disorganized, random list:

-buy cute pajamas and lounging clothes/ lounge in style
first step: make those stenciled graphic tees i have been planning to make

-buy my first DSLR camera
first step: my mom's giving me some money to save and start out with. around 1000 rps( 10 $) I'm guessing. start from saving that.

-get rid of the dark circles under my eyes
first step: sleep earlier. go to bed at around 10.

-get a nice messenger bag thats really big for when school starts
first step: go looking for bags

-prep for my O 'levels
first step: do a little practical work like math and accounts every day

- get more people to read my blog
first step: market on twitter

-live your dream lifestyle( will write a separate post for this)
first step: control your Internet and electronics usage

-have a healthy break fast
first step: learn how to make scrambled eggs

-make more bracelets
first step: buy embroidery floss

Just by the way: here is the link to my twitter. I've just made an account, and am slowly learning how to use twitter! !! Also, I'd love to hear about your dreams and goals!!! May be your goals will inspire me further! :)
So do leave a small dreams list, and your first step to accomplishing them down below in the comments section!

xoxo Mana

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  1. love this post.. baby steps always make it easier and more achievable