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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Scraps of papers and pictures


 I never thought of art journaling. The whole idea of tearing apart magazines and pasting selected pictures on a piece of paper never excited me. Art journaling, of course, is just a fancy word for scrap booking. And in my opinion, scrap booking was boring and stupid.
  I don't know what was going on in my mind when i decided to rip my new magazine apart, and choose and trim photographs that really grabbed my attention. It was surprisingly a LOT of fun! Calming, occupying, creative. I realized how long it's been since i've done anything creative! And i really liked the pages i was assembling. They were

I love pretty messes. 

 I'm really proud of myself! I thought I would never have the patience to finish even a single scrap book page properly! Surprised myself. And the pages turned out to be pretty cool.

Kind of freaking out here. Today is the second of July. Where did June go? I'm mad at myself for completely wasting a whole month, doing nothing but watching one tree hill episodes, listening to music online and reading blogs. 
 School starts in august. Extremely excited and terribly nervous at the same time. I'm starting 10th grade. And i have to give my CIE examinations in a year. I've got SO many questions. Who are going to be my teachers? Will the classes be shuffled? Will i be in the same class as my close friends? How hard will the classes be? And what the heck is sociology?!?!
*cue scared face*
okayy.. forget that, *cue blurry phone selfie*

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